Upright traditional mailbox numbers


Michaels Style Mailbox Numbers

Why do you need custom mailbox numbers?

  • You don’t want the neiMonogram Mailbox Numbersghbors to get your pizza
  • You want the real estate agent to show the right house*
  • You want all those Amazon orders you place to come to you, especially the one with the toilet paper

OK, so those are all solid reasons to have mailbox numbers (specifically, accurate mailbox numbers) but why would you bother with *custom* mailbox numbers?

  • You don’t want to be featured on Ugly Mailboxes
  • Your HOA or neighborhood association is going to fine you if your mailbox numbers aren’t up to their standards <grumble, grumble>
  • Ugly Mailbox NumbersYou want your mailbox numbers to be perfectly spaced and level
  • You just restored a 1910 Arts & Crafts bungalow and Craftsman style mailbox numbers are just the thing to finish it off
  • You like things that look expensive but aren’t
  • You have style and panache and you want your mailbox to have that too
  • You’ve just spruced up your yard, maybe have a fresh paint job on the house, and you don’t want to ruin all that work with a sad, generic looking mailbox

There really aren’t any good reasons not to have custom mailbox numbers. So go on and order the the ones that speak to your soul. Or am I the only one whose mailbox speaks to their soul. Just me?

*As a real estate agent, I once drove up to a house that I was planning to show in a sort of McMansion type neighborhood (where all the houses look basically alike). The mailbox only had the first two digits, out of a four digit house number, on it. I thought nothing of it, except that I thought it was supposed to be vacant and this one was not. It was only upon leaving that I noticed that the house across the street was also for sale. And vacant. So that’s the story of how I once broke into a house unintentionally. All because of a mailbox.

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