Color Samples for Mailbox Decals

Colors for your mailbox decals

Color Samples for Mailbox Decals

It’s very difficult to capture the exact color of vinyl because it tends to look different in different light (as most colors do!) but also from different angles. This photo is a fairly good representation. In some lights, the reflective looks much more silvery and the beige looks a bit more off white but otherwise, this is pretty accurate. Click the links in the text below to see images of specific color combinations.

Color suggestions

Black mailbox

Antiqua Mailbox numbers whiteWhite or reflective white(ish) for maximum contrast and readability. White on black is the most common color combination. Beige is also very legible and looks great if the trim on your house is an off-white. Silver looks especially nice if your mailbox happens to be one with silver accents. Gold on black has a very traditional look so if you want “classic” it’s a great way to go. Copper has modern look with an air of exclusivity so if you’re looking for a high end/high style, it’s a good choice. Gold and copper don’t have as much contrast so readability isn’t quite as good, especially at night.

White mailbox

Guttenberg Mailbox numbers Copper on whiteBlack will obviously give you the best contrast and is the most common option for white mailboxes. Gold and copper again will give you a high end look. Silver looks nice but will be a little more difficult to read in bright lighting. Beige, reflective or white are not recommended at all (for obvious reasons)

Silver mailbox

Black is your best choice for readability but the mix of metallics if you choose copper or gold will definitely make a statement.

Bronze mailbox

Mailbox Numbers Gold on BronzeBronze or a sort of metallic brownish has become a very popular color in mailboxes. White or reflective gives you great contrast but beige has a warmer tone to match the warmth of the bronze while still being high contrast. Some bronze boxes have silver accents so silver goes well with those. Copper and gold don’t have as much contrast so legibility isn’t the best but they give a rich look. We don’t recommend black with most bronze mailboxes.