My address is 3333. How many sets do I need to order to get enough 3s?

You tell us the address you need and you get that exact address, all spaced out and level for you, ready to apply. Unless you choose “I only need one,” each order includes 2 complete sets of your specific address, one for each side of your mailbox.

Why can’t I get reflective numbers in a particular style?

Reflective vinyl is a very finicky product and is much more difficult to work with than vinyls with a regular finish. The smaller the characters, the more difficult it is to cut and finish. Some of our styles have those small or thin elements and it just doesn’t work well. Click to see the reflective numbers that we offer. There are still plenty to choose!

Do you have black reflective?

To a certain extent, the color of the vinyl itself determines how reflective it is. White(ish) vinyl is by far the most reflective. Black reflective numbers are indeed a thing that exists but we feel like its lower reflectivity would be disappointing to our customers so we don’t typically offer it.

I have a white mailbox, what color should I choose?

Not white! You’re choosing the color of the numbers/lettering so you’ll want to pick something that contrasts with the color of your mailbox. Our colors page will give you some ideas based on what look you want to achieve.

What color will the background be?

Each individual number/letter is cut out from a single larger sheet of vinyl so there is no background. The color of your mailbox becomes the only background you’ll see. From more than a couple of feet away, it gives the appearance of very precisely painted-on lettering.

Do I have to stick them all on individually?

Unless you choose our pre-made number packs, there’s no need to line up or space out each number. They’re all applied very easily in one go. Visit our application instructions page for the lowdown on how the whole thing works.

Can I put these on a plastic mailbox?

If your mailbox has a rough texture, plastic or otherwise, these might not stick well. Most plastic mailboxes have a couple of smooth spots that were intentionally placed by the manufacturer for your mailbox numbers. Be sure to use those (and let us know how big the space is when placing your order) and you should be fine. Having said that, the only inexplicable “failure to stick” we’ve ever had was on a plastic mailbox. Some plastics give off a very slight gaseous fume that doesn’t mix well with adhesives. Be sure to follow the directions when applying your mailbox numbers and if they don’t stick to a smooth surface, we’ll replace them.

Can I use these on something besides a mailbox?

Heck yeah! Our custom numbers work particularly well on glass and other smooth surfaces so they are perfect to use as house numbers on a window or door. If you’re looking for something besides house numbers (opening hours to put on the door to your business?), use our custom request form to inquire about special orders.

How long will they last?

Our vinyls are rated to last 5-8 years. Depending on how severe your weather is, they could last much longer. If your mailbox is in a common hallway, under a front porch or is otherwise semi-protected from the elements, they’ll last pretty much indefinitely.

How long will it take to get my order?

Most all of our orders are custom made to your specifications so we don’t have anything sitting around ready to go in a box. Our goal is to ship all orders within 3 business days, but most will be ready to go in 1-2 business days. Time in transit will depend on the type of shipping you request. First class can sometimes take up to 2 weeks to arrive (assuming that it gets lost and then found) but will generally get to you in 1-4 days depending on how far you are from the south east US. Priority mail should arrive in 1-3 business days, again depending on how far you are from Chattanooga and whether you’re in a major metro area.

What is your return policy?

Most of our items are personalized just for you so we don’t accept returns except on unused pre-made number packs. If we mess up (we’re human!), let us know and we’ll get a replacement out to you tout suite.